An Ghrian Glas Farm

Chemical Free and Wildlife Friendly Food

Pond in the Horse Field
Hay in Middle Field
Lilly the dog
Bales in the Shed
Welcome to An Ghrian Glas Farm. Co. Westmeath. In March 2016, we were fortunate to buy a beautiful little farm in a rural area of Ireland's midlands. Here at An Ghrian Glas we have 9 acres in total. When we moved here first the goal was to grow our own fruit and vegetables using organic and permaculture methods. However my addiction to growing exploded and 
Our aim is to live as sustainably as possible, within the realms of reason and sanity as we both have jobs aside from running our little plot. Since we have moved in, we have been on a steep learning curve and decided the best way to consolidate learning is to share it. In addition we have come to the realisation that we will need help if we are to make this dream a reality and so wish to open our home up to people of a similar desire to learn, to come and volunteer or house sit.  For more information on volunteering or house sitting, check out the contact us section. 
Slan leat,

An Ghrian Glas Farm



Co. Westmeath

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Our latest additions to the farm. Our four pigs, the two reds are Tamworths and the two black & whites are Saddle back crosses. We don't know what they were crossed with.