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An Ghrian Glas Farm

Life on the Farm

There is nothing like life on a farm. Car eating horses, vegetable destroying pigs, cars stuck in mud, nosey chickens, ducks that play hide and seek with eggs, dogs that can't chase a rabbit, rabbits that eat the vegetables... it never ends. However the sunsets, delicious food, the cute faces, the newness of spring, the bounty of summer and even the torrential rain all nourish the soul and keep us smiling.

Horses and Natural Horsemanship

I have two ponies and one horse. They are trained through natural horsemanship techniques, for dressage and trail riding. They are all at different levels of their education. Dash being the most advanced. I follow the Parelli method, but am influenced by many great trainers such as Monty Roberts, Buck Brannamen, Ray Hunt, Karen Rolf, Emma Massingale and the talented Chris and Sarah Brady.

We work with the horses natural behaviours and communication methods. Understanding how the horse thinks, feels and learns, helps us to look after his mental, emotional and physical state during his education.

Growing Vegetables, Orchards and a

Food Forest

We have a large 1 acre market garden. Which we grow mainly vegetable crops to sell as weekly vegetable boxes. In addition to this we have 1 acre of mixed fruit orchard, including apple, pear, cherrie, hazelnut and almond. 

Our long term food growing project is our two acre food forest, this is a growing area that mimics the structure of a forest, utilising all the different forest layers for growing, while maintaining wildlife habitat, reducing the need for additional fertiliser inputs and being an area of beauty. It is in its infancy but we are really excited to see it grow and evolve.

The Animals

1 cat, 2 dogs, 3 horses, 1 pet pig, 6 ducks, 13 chickens are all part of our farm. In equal measure they illicit joy, laughter and frustration.

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