An Ghrian Glas Farm

I love food and nature. Our aim in starting An Ghrian Glas was to grow food that tastes great, which I would be happy for my family to eat. While also conserving our natural heritage and restoring landscapes as much as possible. I aim to live as sustainably as possible. This will be an ongoing journey as I must save up to buy sustainable tech such as solar panels, and there is a LOT to learn, like ecobuilding processes and compost toilets.


I feel that we each have a responsibility to do what we can in protecting the planet and our local landscape. That being said, it is impossible to live without destruction. To farm is to fully enter into the cycle of life and death. 

In addition to creating sustainable facilities, we also hope to create a significant amount of wildlife habitat through a food forest, ponds and native woodland areas.

It's all in a name
An Ghrian Glas Farm: 
Pronounced (On Greehan Gloss).
An Ghrian Glas is gaelic for 'The Green Sun' 
 After all what are plants but, sunlight energy transformed and stored in green plants :)